2002 Au de là de la Méditerranée : la construction narrative de l’identité post-coloniale méditerranéenne Nationalité: Malte
Catégorie: Journalisme
Description du Projet:

« The ambition of our project is to question the conception of “Mediterranean culture” as a geographical fiction, whose apparent unity masks a huge diversity. This diversity is especially evident in the designations that the various countries of the Mediterranean basin select in order to create their political and cultural allegiance to one or another ‘civilisation’.

Students in Malta, Libya and Tunisia were met in an attempt to provide a platform for individuals to articulate their identity. Our main aim was to identify the differences in the designations these people select for themselves, both as individuals and as citizens of their respective nations. We chose to pursue our research through dialogue, since it often brings out subtle differences between interlocutors. In addition, dialogue often involves a strategy of negotiation: given our respective differences – religious, historical and cultural – what is it that can enable communication?

The grant awarded by the Fondation Marc de Montalembert made it possible to travel to the capital of two Maghreb countries and get to know people who were willing to speak about themselves. Our project is intended to shed light on the need for intercultural dialogue, but also on the pitfalls of imaginary distinctions between East and West, which can make such a dialogue, loaded with prejudice and imperialist assumptions to the point of threatening the coexistence of differences. The analysis and experiences we gathered during this voyage are expected to be published in a book in the coming months ».
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