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20 March 2017

At the seat of the Institut national d’histoire de l’art (INHA) in Paris Professor Daniel Russo from the Université de Bourgogne [...]

20 March 20172017-07-21T14:38:26+02:00

11 February 2017

The winner of the Marc de Montalembert 2017 Prize is Mathieu Beaud from France, PhD in history of medieval art for [...]

11 February 20172017-07-21T14:37:57+02:00

17 October 2016

From 17 to 21 October, 2016 at the Foundation in Rhodes a second seminar on “Archeology and the Bible” was led [...]

17 October 20162017-07-21T15:32:16+02:00

28 July 2016

The call for applications for the Prix Marc de Montalembert 2017 is on the INHA’s website. Deadline for submission of applications [...]

28 July 20162017-07-21T15:32:41+02:00

4 May 2016

Annual opening of the Foundation in Rhodes on the day of Saint Marc and presentation of the 2016 Marc de Montalembert grant [...]

4 May 20162017-07-21T15:33:06+02:00

25 March 2016

The 2015 Marc de Montalembert grant is awarded to Melis Cagan, from Turkey, for her project « “Back to school” : mapping and [...]

25 March 20162017-07-21T11:49:00+02:00

16 March 2016

At the seat of the Institut national d’histoire de l’art (INHA), in Paris, the 2016 Prix Marc de  Montalembert was presented [...]

16 March 20162017-07-21T11:28:44+02:00

25 January 2016

The winner of the 2016 Marc de Montalembert Prize is Ms Dominique BARCAT, from France, PhD in history of antique art, [...]

25 January 20162017-07-21T11:27:31+02:00

15 December 2015

Publication of the volume The Wandering Throne of Solomon: Objects and Tales of Kingship in the Medieval Mediterranean (Leiden: Brill, 2015), by Dr. [...]

15 December 20152017-07-21T11:26:47+02:00

18 November 2015

At the Foundation in Rhodes, the Seminar on “The Filming of Social Research Interviews“, 18-19 novembre 2015, was convened by the [...]

18 November 20152017-07-21T11:24:10+02:00
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