Intercultural Understanding

The Marc de Montalembert Foundation wishes to facilitate the dialogue between men and women from diverse Mediterranean cultures in order to further the cause of peace and tolerance. With this in mind, it offers the seat of its Foundation in the old town of Rhodes as a meeting place for encounters where, in a peaceable and neutral atmosphere, experiences can be shared and ideas debated in a quest for mutual understanding. Preference is given to cultural themes close to the preoccupations of young people and such as will stimulate their participation.

Encounters may be organized by the Foundation in collaboration with another institution on a subject of common interest. It can also be the host to meetings on intercultural Mediterranean subjects organized by others. These encounters should involve participants from several countries of the Mediterranean region.

The Foundation can accommodate twenty persons at the most. The premises of the Foundation include a meeting room which is not conceived as a lecture hall, but as a place suitable for face to face discussion. It does not lend itself to lecture. Other spaces are available for group and workshop activities.

To make possible these encounters, the Foundation can put at the disposal of its guests ten bedrooms in a house adjacent to its garden. All in all, it can be envisaged to lodge twenty participants with a modicum of comfort.

These encounters can take place during the periods of April-June or September-November on the basis of shared costs.

The Foundation can also take in artists or scholars working on projects having to do with the diverse aspects of the cultures of the Mediterranean world.

For more information concerning the objectives and the activities of the Foundation, contact us.