2003 Etude comparative de trois icônes du XVIème siècle – On the Tracks of Lost Hospitaller Icons of Rhodes Nationalité: Grèce
Catégorie: Histoire de l’art
Description du Projet:

“My project involved in-depth research in the field of Byzantine art and, more precisely, in the domain of artistic production in Rhodes during the late 15th and early 16th centuries. It concerned three portable icons depicting Saint John the Baptist, the patron of the Order of Hospitallers Knights. One of them is kept in a church in Rhodes, the second belonged – at least until 1974 – to a private collection in Milan and the third is in the church of St. Anne in Apt, a small town in the South of France. All of them give invaluable information on the historical and artistic context of the period, especially the third, unknown to scholars, which includes a depiction of the donor, Jacques de Bourbon, his coat-of-arms and the arms of the last Grand Master to rule Rhodes, Philippe Villiers de l’Isle Adam. The overwhelming experience of visiting small cities of Italy and

France on the tracks of lost Rhodian icons allowed me to broaden my horizons and introduced me to new cultures and people.” Une communication a été préparée et soumise en vue de publication.